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About us2

Brand description

1974 a sport  brand who combined fashion, design  and beauty in one piece.

Inspired by active people  whose  take care of their health  and  sports are integral part of life

Our pieces  has been thoroughly  elaborated  with smarts fabrics , exclusively  designs ready made with high  quality  levels  in detail  to bring our fit lovers  comfort and style  at the same time.

We design and manufacture in Colombia with  our well known style achieving  thus pieces  which enhance and mold your body.

1974 makes you feel really inspired  and motivated  to build your personal image achieving  your goals.

1974 more than a brand…….inspiration  and style.

Objective  group 

Calculated between  the 17 and 50 both  sexes ( 80% woman and 20% man) focused in the highest  percentage  to females  as female influence  involves  more necessity  of shopping, variety and quantity  of pieces  by the moment  to get dressed  and look  good 

Acquisition  power

Wide possibility  to buy because  the price  is competitive  on the market  involving  quality  and design.

Is worth noting  as to be a fashion  product  specially  Colombian  incites to a possible  costumers to take the product  as we are well-known  a Mundial level for our  pieces settings , plus the marketing  on US market  where the acquisition  power and consuming  is higher than Latin American  countries 

Psychological   costumer description 

Because   we are on a new Era of nutritional  awareness  more healthy  where evolved  correct feeding  and a life style more focused  to sports  make the sports  outfits  and accessories  on a trendy  topic place becoming  on a necessity  in our day by bay

We impose ourselves  combining  fashion, design , style, quality  and competitive  prices  , we offer dress well by the work  out  time comes

Life style 

Focused to people   100% active  who involve sport as integral part of their life